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What is the drug rifampin used for? Rifampin is an antibiotic that fights bacteria and prevents it from spreading in your body. Rifampin is used to treat or prevent tuberculosis (TB). Rifampin may also be used to reduce certain bacteria in your nose and throat that could cause meningitis or other infections.
Does rifampin affect birth control? Rifampin is the only antibiotic that has been reported to reduce plasma estrogen concentrations. When taking rifampin, oral contraceptives cannot be relied upon and a second method of contraception is mandatory. Other antibiotics are most likely safe to use concomitantly with oral contraceptives.
Which part of your body is not affected by tuberculosis? TB can affect any part of the body except the non living tissues like nails and hair. Theoretical tuberculosis can affect any part of the body. Tuberculosis can affect and involve any part or any organ of the body,all body organs involvement have been reported in the current literature.
Is milk good for TB patients? A person with TB should also be encouraged to eat pulses in other forms e.g. roasted chana. Oils & fats are a source of energy. For vegetarians, a combination of cereals & pulses can give a quantity of protein equivalent to that of animal proteins. The daily consumption of milk and milk products is also beneficial.
Can I kiss a person with TB? TB is not spread through sexual intercourse or kissing or other touch. TB bacteria are spread through the air from one person to another. When a person who has TB disease of the lungs or throat coughs, speaks, or sings, TB bacteria are spread in the air. You do not need to worry about kissing on the mouth or cheeks.
What is the first sign of tuberculosis? The symptoms of TB include a low-grade fever, night sweats, weakness or tiredness, and weight loss. If TB is in the lungs, the person may also cough, have chest pain, shortness of breath or might be coughing up blood. Other symptoms depend on the part of the body affected by the TB germs.
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